Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Hitachi makes magnet motor breakthrough

HitachiSynchronousMetalMotor_thumb Hitachi has made an important breakthrough with its development of a permanent magnet synchronous motor (pictured). The high efficiency motor has been created without the use of any rare earth materials.

According to Hitachi, the 11kW motor has an efficiency of around 93 per cent while delivering IE4 performance: that’s the highest of the International Efficiency classes. This is despite being smaller than comparable conventional motors.

This 11kW double-rotor, axial-gap motor makes use of a laminated stator core that is based on a low-loss amorphous iron material. Its losses are said to be about 10 per cent of those from conventional electromagnetic steel laminations.

It makes use of amorphous metal, which has a disordered atomic structure and includes high tensile strength and low magnetic losses. It has been a target of interest for motor development for many years but has always been hampered by its costs – something that Hitachi is attempting to address.

The technology is being developed with the support of Japan’s New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organisation.

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